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His rich experience includes developing and leading tourism workshops and tourism training programs for the UNWTO Academy, Philippines Tourism Promotion Board, Tanzania National Parks Authority, Ethiopian Ministry of Telecommunication, Israeli Ministry of Tourism and the Israeli Council for Heritage Sites.

Knowledge is only valuable if it's put into practice. Eran Ketter's (PhD) tourism workshops, webinars, trainings and capacity-building programs are aimed to provide practical tools and hands-on experiences that generate change and lead to successful implementation.

Book one of Dr. Ketter's inspiring and engaging tourism workshops:


COVID19 Recovery Strategy


Digital Marketing for FITs

Social media marketing, search campaigns, and user generated content are key tools you need to master in order to effectively attract travelers today. In this workshop, you’ll get a fully customized toolbox to boost your business and get more tourists.


Travel & Tourism Trends

Which forces shape our constantly changing tourism arena, and what practical steps can you take to ensure future growth? Sign up to this workshop to discover what needs to be done today to meet the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Which segments should you address and what are the most effective tourism development and marketing strategies to re-boot tourism? Join me for a workshop that will provide you with critical tools for the post-COVID19 era

Eran Ketter (PhD) tourism marketing
PIC (71)
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