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Israel is a rapidly growing outbound travel market in the EMEA region, with a significant importance to tourism destinations in Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. According to Israel's recent tourism statistics, in 2023 Israeli travelers have taken some 21m outbound trips, up by 10% over 2022. The top 5 outbound travel destinations for Israelis in 2023 were Turkey (2.3m), USA (1.9m), Greece (1.8m), Italy (1.4m) and UK (1.2m). The top 5 airlines serving Israel in 2023 were El Al, Wizzair, Ryanair, Turkish Airlines and Israir.

Despite the negative effect of the war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas (Swords of Iron) on outbound travel from Israel, the Israeli outbound market is expected to demonstrate a strong recovery following the war. This will include excessive 'revenge-travel', increased desire for emotional wellness and stress relief tourism, and surge in interest for short and medium haul destinations that are welcoming for tourists from Israel.


What are the key characteristics of Israel’s outbound travel market? How can a destination effectively attract tourists from Israel? Which travel segments in Israel are the most open to try new destinations? And which marketing communication channels should be used when targeting travelers from Israel?


We are offering tourism market research reports on Israel outbound travel market, Israel outbound tourism trends, Israel tourism statistics, Israel tourism demographics and travel segments, consumer behavior of Israel outbound travel market, Israel outbound travel consumer preferences, tourism demand analysis, and analysis of the travel and tourism industry in Israel. The tourism market research reports can cover Israel outbound travel market as a whole, or focus on a specific market segment, activity or travel passion.


Eran Ketter (PhD) is an acclaimed tourism advisor and researcher, and a former marketing advisor to the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. He is the author of numerous tourism strategy and market research reports, and since 2020 he is the Head of Research in a European Travel Commission market research serious on measuring Europeans’ travel sentiment, conducting surveys for over 100,000 Europeans and providing marketing recommendations and insights for 35 national tourism organizations around Europe (with Mindhaus). Dr. Ketter has a unique in-depth understanding of Israel’s travel and tourism market, based on his rich professional experience working with the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority, Jerusalem Tourism Development Corporation and numerous DMOs, tourism organizations, tourism entrepreneurs and travel-tech startups in Israel.

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4 key statistics on Israel's outbound
travel and tourism market:

1. Israel's outbound travel is growing incredibly fast. In the years 2010-2019, Israel outbound tourism (by air) more than doubled, growing from 3.6m international trips to 8.3m international trips - an average 10% year-over-year

2. Israel is a global leader in the share of people taking international trips. Out of 9 million Israeli citizens, more than 4.3 million traveled overseas in 2019.

3. Israel's outbound travel had a remarkable recovery from COVID.
In the first half of 2023 (Jan-June) Israelis took 4.5 million international trips, higher  compared to the same period in the record year of 2019.

4. Family trips are a considerable component in Israelis outbound travel.
Some 20% of all international travelers from Israel are below the age of 20.

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