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Travel & Tourism Expert Witness, Testimony and Reports

Expert witness in tourism is a legal report written by a tourism expert as professional evidence in the field of tourism, and which will serve as a basis for a court hearing, a decision in a lawsuit and an estimate of economic, image and tourism damage. The tourist opinion can be appointed by the court itself, or it can be required by one of the parties to the lawsuit - as a plaintiffs' opinion or a counter-opinion on behalf of the defense attorneys. The witness of a tourism expert usually includes an in-depth analysis based on professional tourism knowledge, theoretical-academic knowledge and practical experience in the tourism industry, in order to enable lawyers to substantiate their claims and provide the court with the tourism knowledge and understanding required to complete legal proceedings and judgments

A tourism expert opinion, expert witness or expert evidence can be used in various legal proceedings including mediation and business arbitration proceedings and hearings in magistrates' courts, district courts and the Labor Court. Although an expert witness in tourism is often commissioned by one party, it must be professional, in-depth and unbiased, and provide an accurate, reliable and clear analysis that can be defended in a cross-examination in a court of law


Tourism Expert Witness can be used in lawsuits and legal proceedings concerning travel agents, airlines, cruise lines, hotels, tour guides, tour groups, domestic tourism organizers, inbound tourism organizers, outbound tourism organizers, vacation bookings, tourism marketing agreements, tourism companies, attractions in tourism, tourist sites and resorts, and lawsuits related to tourism law. 

With 20 years of experience in the tourism industry - Dr.  Ketter is your resource person when facing a tourism-related lawsuit. Dr. Eran Ketter is an international tourism expert, senior consultant, and academic faculty member, with a proven track record in providing tourist expert witness for courts. In the years 2016-2018 Dr. Ketter served as a marketing advisor for the Ministry of Tourism of Israel and in the last years he conducts market research reports the European Travel Commission (ETC; with Mindhaus). 

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