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Tourism Marketing for Developing Countries:

Battling Stereotypes and Crises in Asia, Africa and the Middle East

Tourism Marketing for Developing Countries examines how tourist destinations in Asia, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa battle stereotypes and negative images, overcome crises and attract tourists and visitors. The book provides real-life examples of strategies and techniques for altering the image of developing destinations and attracting international tourism, despite the challenges that stem from negative place images. The book is based on the analysis of dozens of case studies, revealing the marketing and communication strategies used by developing countries. The analysis is conducted in relation to the accumulated theoretical and practical knowledge about media and public images, factors that affect image construction in the international media, image repair and destination marketing. Using a multi-step model, the book offers a proven toolbox for scholars and practitioners interested in attracting international tourism to developing countries. The book's flyer >>

Media Strategies for Marketing Places in Crisis:
Improving the Image of Cities, Countries and Tourist Destinations

Media Strategies for Marketing Places in Crisis is an academic and professional book about destination marketing, place branding and strategic tourism marketing. The book provides a large verity of research-based tools and strategies that can be effectively used to promote tourism, generate positive media coverage and recover destination's image.

  • Presents highly practical tools, models and media strategies for marketing places suffering from sudden crises or prolonged negative images.

  • Walks the reader through an innovative, practical and user-friendly model for branding places, marketing in crisis and re-attracting tourists and visitors.

  • Provides 24 media strategies for tourism marketing, post-crisis image recovery, destination image restoration, and altering negative images.

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