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The tourism arena is being constantly transformed, and consumer preferences, technologies and markets are changing at a record-breaking pace. To keep up with the latest changes, here are some of the top tourism trends
for 2020:

01. Generation Z - While Millennials account for some 40% of Europe’s outbound travel, Generation Z travelers (born in 1996 and later) are now slowly emerging as a key segment in global travel. As members of the native-digital generation, Gen Z tourists find their travel inspiration by following social media influencers. Growing up in a global world, they search to immerse themselves in the local culture and gain a local perspective on life. And, having a strong awareness of sustainability, they look to minimize their environmental impact and give back to the host community.

02. Novelty - Global tourism continues to grow, and resulting from the growing number of tourism destinations that suffer from over-tourism, more travelers want to get off the beaten path. This trend is leading to an increased interest in new destinations that are in the early stages of tourism development, and to a growing attention in second-tier cities which have an attractive urban life, but without the crowds. One particular important audience for such destinations are Millennial travelers (Generation Y) - an age cohort of well-traveled individuals who are eager to explore new places and undergo new experiences.

03. Go deep - While some people travel to see new places, others travel to delve deeply into their particular interests and fully express their desires. This includes travel aimed at learning something new (playing a musical instrument or speaking a language), taking an exciting adventure (cycling through the countryside or wave surfing on a yacht), or going on a spiritual journey (taking a meditation course or walking along the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route).

04. Keep it yummy - Culinary tourism is not only for Foodies. Interest in food is a global phenomenon and tourists demonstrate higher-than-ever-before interests in trying local food, visiting a food market, taking a food-tasting tour, exploring their destination’s culinary heritage, or joining a local cooking class. This booming trend creates numerous business opportunities for tourism entrepreneurs, as well as non-professional home cooks and local families who want to share their culinary traditions.

05. Digital detox - An over-consumption of social media might have a negative effect on our wellbeing, free time and personal relationships. As more social media users choose to reduce or limit their social media usage, the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) turns into the Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO). In response, more travelers are looking to disconnect from their mobile devices while on vacation and engage in old-school activities such as reading a book by the fireplace, taking long walks or just gazing at the sunset. This trend has highly practical implications for managers of holiday destinations and resorts, as well as for marketers who should look beyond marketing on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  


These top tourism trends for 2020 - generation Z, novelty, deep-dive tourism, culinary tourism and digital detox - showcase some of the key forces that shape the contemporary tourism arena. While getting to know these tourism trends is a good start, adjusting your products, services and marketing is the most critical element in staying ahead of the pack. 

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