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ד"ר כתר שימש כמרצה אורח בארועי תיירות מובילים בלמעלה מ-25 מדינות, לרבות ITB ברלין, סמינר מובייל-טק של ה-UNWTO, ה-WTMF בפיזה ו-TEDx תל אביב. כמו כן, שימש כדובר מרכזי (Keynote speaker) בארועי תיירות רבים בעולם, בהזמנת משרדי התיירות של הפיליפינים, גיאורגיה, אסטוניה, פולין, לטביה, אוזבקיסטן, ניגריה, קניה, טנזניה, וישראל. 

ד"ר ערן כתר הוא מומחה בינלאומי בתיירות, עם ניסיון רב כמרצה אורח וכדובר מרכזי בכנסים, ארועים וירידי תיירות בישראל ובעולם. בהתבסס על עבודתו כחוקר וכיועץ, ערן הנו מרצה מרתק, מקצועי, אנרגטי ומעורר השראה, עם הרצאות בנושאים של טרנדים בתיירות, שיווק תיירות, שיווק בדיגיטל וברשתות חברתיות, משברי תיירות ושינויי אקלים, וחדשנות בתיירות. 

הזמינו כעת הרצאה מרתקת וחדשנית לכנסים וארועי תיירות:





 ניהול משברים בתיירות


תיירות בעידן הקורונה

Are you looking to stay ahead of the game in the ever-evolving tourism industry? Look no further than Dr. Eran Ketter. Contact Dr. Ketter at: or the contact form bellow

The 4 questions YOU HAVE TO ASK before choosing a travel & tourism keynote speaker:

FAQs before choosing the perfect keynote speaker for a travel & tourism conference

1. What should I look for in a tourism keynote speaker?
You should look for a speaker with a proven track record of expertise and experience in the tourism industry, who can provide valuable insights and practical advice on the latest tourism trends and challenges facing the global tourism.

2. How long should a keynote presentation be?
The length of a tourism keynote presentation can vary, but most are between 20 to 50 minutes. Among others, this depends on your full agenda and the audience' motivation to focus on one topic. You can discuss with the speaker the duration that will best fit your event.

3. Can I request a specific topic or theme for the a tourism keynote presentation?
Yes, you can request a specific topic or theme for your tourism keynote presentation. Experienced speakers can develop content to match to exact needs of a specific audience or of an event that focuses on a particular tourism agenda.

4. How can we make a tourism keynote presentation more engaging?

Some key methods to enhance engagement include conducting a preliminary survey before the event, conducting a Q&A session with the audience, and having a panel discussion with local decision makers following the keynote. Discuss these options with the speaker to find the best solution for your tourism event.

With over 15 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, Dr. Ketter has the inside scoop on what's driving the industry forward and how to stay ahead of the curve.​

Fill out the "find the perfect keynote" box below, or email us at:

1. What's your audience’s pain points?
Who will attend the event and why they are there? Are they tourism private sector or public sector? Middle management or senior decision makers? Do they come from the tourism or hospitality industry? What are their main concerns when it comes to tourism growth?

2. How the speaker's profile matches the audience’s needs?
What value the tourism keynote should deliver and will the speaker be able to provide it? Do they have a deep-enough knowledge and insights on the subject matter? What about hands-on experience in tourism consulting? Will they be able to provide the critical tourism know-hows your participants need?

3. Is the speaker engaging?
For knowledge to be well received, it should be provided in a fun and engaging manner - avoiding empty entertainment on the one hand and death by PowerPoint on the other. Also, the keynote content should be delivered in the right tourism context, with examples from leading tourism sites and comparable destinations.

4. What’s the speaker level of experience?

In which past tourism events the speaker presented? Have they spoken in key international tourism fairs? Have they participated in similar tourism events/ events that focuses on the travel industry? Experienced speakers will better know how to tailor their message to your participants and will maximize the success of your tourism event!

Eran Ketter (PhD) is a professional and engaging travel & tourism keynote speaker, speaking in leading tourism events in over 30 countries, sharing critical knowledge and practical insights as a highly-experienced tourism advisor, trainer and researcher, and from his professional experience working with the European Travel Commission, UN’s World Tourism Organization, Atout France, Israel Ministry of Tourism, Korea Tourism Organization, and other world-class tourism organizations.

Looking for the perfect tourism keynote? Just fill out your email at the "find the perfect keynote" box below, or email us at:

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