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Climate change, terrorism, natural disasters, economic slowdown, degradation of the natural environment and major changes in source markets - these are some of the critical challenges the global tourism and hospitality industries are facing. In the wake of these threats, destinations and businesses are forced to act proactively in order to manage potential crises and enhance their level of resilience.


The tourism crisis and resilience toolbox is a set of research-based tools aimed to provide destinations and businesses with practical and effective solutions to anticipate potential crises and enhance growth in turbulent times. The toolbox includes tactics for enhancing resilience on all levels, tools for crisis preparation and mitigation, diversification and re-organization strategies, post-crisis marketing, and resilience growth strategies based on product and market development. The crisis and resilience toolbox is more than just tools for bouncing back - it is a strategic management methodology for bouncing forward.


Eran Ketter (PhD) is a professional, inspiring and engaging trainer/ speaker, with over 15 years of experience in tourism crises, and the author of two world-renowned books on resilience and crises in tourism. The tourism crisis and resilience toolbox workshop/ keynote is aimed to provide a practical understanding of tourism crises and resilience, and its day-to-day implications for managing destinations and businesses. Among others, Dr. Ketter had speaking engagements for the UNWTO, ITB and IPK World Travel Monitor Forum, Israeli Ministry of Tourism, Philippine Tourism Promotion Board, Uzbekistan Tourism Development State Committee, Latvia Development Agency, Kenya Tourism Board and TEDx Tourism Tel Aviv.


   "Dr. Ketter is one of the world's-top tourism marketing gurus. His lecture motivated us to take big bold steps
as far as tourism destination marketing is concerned"

- Nerrisa, Head of Domestic Promotion Department, Philippines Tourism Promotion Board

   "A mind blowing presentation. He kept everyone on their toes and the content of the lecture was insightful. Thank you so much - I enjoyed every bit"

- Dana, Global Training Manager, Galilee International Management Institute

   "He keeps his audience engaged, entertained and inspired. I warmly recommend Dr. Ketter and his professional lectures. I'm fully confident that whoever invites him will get an outstanding presenter and highly-satisfied conference participants"

- Roni, Training Manager, The Council for conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel


Prepare today for the challenges of tomorrow with Dr. Ketter's practical and engaging tourism crisis and
resilience toolbox!

Email Eran at or use the contact form below:

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