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Low cost carriers. Chinese tourists. Airbnb. Millennials. Authenticity. Digital tourism. These are some of the economic, technological and social powers that shape the constantly changing tourism arena. As managers in travel and tourism - how should we act towards these tourism trends? Which practical steps should we take to ensure future growth? What needs to be done today to meet the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow?  


Using academic research tools, the latest statistics and a close look out on the tourism industry, Eran Ketter (PhD) presents a clear, engaging and inspiring view on global tourism trends. The tourism trends keynote lecture is focused on the practical implications for business development, decision making and management, in a business environment where the cheese doesn't stop moving.

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   "Dr. Ketter is one of the world's-top tourism marketing gurus. His lecture motivated us to take big bold steps as far as tourism destination marketing is concerned"

- Nerrisa, Head of Domestic Promotion Department, Philippines Tourism Promotion Board

   "A mind blowing presentation. He kept everyone on their toes and the content of the lecture was insightful. Thank you so much - I enjoyed every bit"

- Dana, Global Training Manager, Galilee International Management Institute

   "He keeps his audience engaged, entertained and inspired. I warmly recommend Dr. Ketter and his professional lectures. I'm fully confident that whoever invites him will get an outstanding presenter and highly-satisfied conference participants"

- Roni, Training Manager, The Council for conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel


Energize your event with Dr. Ketter's insightful, engaging and inspiring tourism trends keynote presentation!

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