Recovery and growth following the Coronavirus

 The COVID-19 pandemic is re-shaping the global tourism map, domestic and international travel, aviation industry, tourist motivations, and destinations' value proposition. In the face of these changes, and as the competition on every tourist intensify, tourism organizations must redesign their tourism, marketing and bizdev strategies. In order to generate growth in the post-COVID19 era, tourism destinations are required to identify threats and opportunities, develop new products and experiences, and adopt tools of agile management. Eran Ketter's webinars, workshops and keynotes will provide you with key insights on COVID19 tourism effects, recovery scenarios, and practical tools for leading in a turbulent environment of constant change.

COVID19 Tourism Webinars

Webinar for the Israeli Ministry of tourism from April 2020 on COVID19 tourism recovery scenarios and some of the required actions for tourism organizations and destinations.

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